All Geared Milling Machine

All Geared Milling Machine

Pathak brand heavy duty Universal Milling Machine with latest technology, madeof high grade standardized cast iron, spindle and gears of quality steel. Bearings (Tape Roller, Ball & Thrust) of genuine quality. Alloy Steel Arbour, Carbon Stele Lead Screws with working pressure of table lead screw taken up by thrust bearings. machine is eay to operate and gives maximum production with minimum fatigue and is enameled in ever shne lasting colour.

BASE : The base which at thge same time serves as a coolant tank amply dimensioned. Coolant pump and the coolant pipes are so dimensioned that sufficient coolant is supplied to the cutter.

Knee : The heavy knee is made as box and rests on a vertical spindle equipped with tank and protected from earth and chips by a telescopic tube. The moveable parts inside are protected from intrusion of foreign matter and coolant. All the hand wheels are removable types.

Table : The work table is of a very sturdy construction and the dovetail is provided with jig. The table has 3T slots and is provided with coolant channels. Accurate graduation is provided to obtain an exact angle adjustable at each side. The table is providedwith Autofeeds (2 or 3 Nos) only in longitudinal direction and is controlled by limit stoppers.

Extra Accessories at Extra Cost:

  • Dividing Head
  • Vertical Attachment
  • Rack Cutting Attachment
  • Rotary Table
  • Lubrication Pump
  • Slotting Attachment
  • Coolant Pump
  • Electric Motor Starter
  • Vice
  • Packing
  • Machine Lamp
  • Self Centering Chuck