Cylinder Boring Machine

Cylinder Boring Machine

PATHAK offers a complete range of vertical type Precision Boring Machine, the machine is vertical type stationary system and is ideally suited for reboring cylinders of Agricultural engines. Compressors, Refrigerators, Brakes, Mopeds, Motor Cycles, Motor Cars and Diesel Auto etc.

The machines are built to exacting standards offering reliable mechanism and high degree of precision. Due to its light waight it is very easily portable.

The body is made of Special alloy casting and is tested to ensure long life of sustained accuracy. The components are made out of special steels tempered by experienced engineers and are ground to longer life.

The special shape of Bit can perform rough cutting and finishing simultaneously so that no HONNING is required.

The machine has one speed and feed and every cut leaves the finished surface in perfect condition

The machine is equipped with four non revolving expansible and contractable 'GUIDERS' moving special scroll on just above the cutting tool and it makes most accurate centring and perfect result with one single cut.

Model PCBM-005 is engineered to work at two speeds and feeds there by reducing the cutting time for bigger jobs and this ensures perfect finish.

A specially designed Micrometer is supplied with the machine. The 'Tool-Holder' is placed in the Micrometer and by the 'Adjustment Screw' the 'Tool-Holder' can be set to any Cylinder size called for, away from the Bar thus no interference is encountered in SETTING.

Special Features

  • Fine Precision Boring
  • Guides for accurate Centring
  • Honning eliminated
  • Special micrometer setting
  • Easy to handle completely trouble free
  • Material (Special Alloy)