Extra Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

Extra Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

Extra Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

Pathak Lathes are robustlydesigned Precision machines for high grade mass or batch production. They have full proof units combining all the features exected in a high efficiency and heavy duty production lathes. these machines are fitted with Brass Bearings or Taper Roller Bearings having lead screw and feed shaft at the front side and are suitable for all siding surfacing and screw cutting operations.

The bed is of close grain ed cast iron and homogenous structure, is of wide and robust section extremely rigid and well ribbed accurately machines and Precision ground bedways ensure lasting accuracy and provide perfect fit with the saddle and tailstock, the bed is normally provided wuth a full gap piece.

The head stock is sturdy design and robust construction ensuring full utility of modern cutting tools without any vibration, smooth running and perfect balance. Eight different speeds can be had on the spindle. The bearings fitted in the Head Stock are of the fllowing three types :

Parallel Brass
Conical Brass
Taper Roller Bearings

The main side is of close grain castings with three machine cut tee slots. The V ways running on the bed as also its upper surface are accurately hand scraped and aligned accurately with the bed and head stock it is provided with automatic feed system. Direct reading dials are fitted with all the feed screws which are very accurately threaded and fitted. The Compound slide is indexed for taper turning.

Three speed gear box is proivded with the lathe to obtain coarse, medium and fine cutting ranges, both long and cross on the feed bar through gears. the Lead screw with accurate threads is to be used only for thread cutting and can be engaged or disengaged with a handle provided on the gear boxwhile the other handleis for obtaining the desired three sppeds.

The Tool Post is made out of the solid steel and can hold four different tools at a time and can be swivelled at any desired angle.

Tailstock, mounted or independent guideways of bed, is of robust design, provides efficient support to the job, and is securely looked by means of bolt acting on grip plate under the bedways. It can be off-set for turning tapers.

The counter is of robust construction with its shaft running in ball bearings and is fitted in the base directly under the head stock. The V-Belt/flat belt that transmits power to the spindle can be easily shifted and can be made loose or tight by means of a lever. The main feature of the counter is tht it transmits power to the spindle and that V-Belt/flat belt as also the main drive belts become loose or fast at a time.


  • Face Plate (One)
  • Chuck Plate (One)
  • Centres (Two)
  • Centre Adopter (One)
  • Stationery Steady (One)
  • Follow Rest Assembly (One)
  • Set of 22 Change
  • Gears (One)
  • Motor Plate (One)


  • Electric Motor
  • Starter, Mech
  • Electric Coolant Pump
  • 4-Jaw Independent Chuck
  • 3-Jaw Self centering Chuck Gears to cut metric threads. tapper turning attachment tool post grinder
  • Double Gap or Triple Gap etc.