Heavy Duty All Geared Lathe

Heavy Duty All Geared Lathe Machine

Heavy Duty All Geared Lathe

Standard Accessories
Electric Motor, Control Panel, Steady Rest Follow Rest, Face Plate, Coupling for Chuck, Dead Center & Chip Tray.

Accessories of at Extra Price
Telescopic Taper Turning attachment, Coolant Pump, Machine Lamp, Revolving Center, Chucks, Rapid travel saddle with motor, Foot brake for instant stop.

Other sizes are also available on demand.

Head Stock
is designed to take heavy cuts on odd & irregular jobs. The induction hardened gears run in oil bath. Spindle of Special steel run on preloaded anti-friction bearings. All shafts supported on bearings on both ends - shifting of gears through levers is easy and positive. Gears are made out of high tensile steel.

Saddle Unit
has wide sliding surfaces finished to fine limits with scrapping. All screws are accurate having graduation sleeves for taking measured cut. The apron has unique feed mechanism operatable with finger touch and trips in case of accident.

Quick Change
is capable of cutting English and Metric threads without any extra change Gear.

Thread Box
For worm cutting in D.O., two change wheels are provided extra.

Tail Stock
is having ample size quill, super finis and lapped in bore, can be can be clamped with lever provided.

All electricals are of superior most quality available in the country.