Press Machine

Press Machine

Press Machine

FRAME : Made of Mild steel plates and Fabricated porperly. Bearing surface are hand scrapped.

CRANK SHAFT : Made of special steel stock to withstand the effective load, properly machined, fitted in bushes with high accuracy.

RAM SLIDE : Made of cast Iron with high grade quality, properly seasoned after rough machining. Bearing surfaces are hand scrapped, with reamed hole for die clamping.

FLYWHEEL : Made of high grade Cast Iron and is designed to generate the required energy.

BRAKE : The Brake is powerful and works on the top dead centre and compensated by springs.

STROKE : Presses are manufactured with adjustable stroke and adjustments can be made by means of a worm.

CLUTCH : The Clutch is very rigid, better supported and less liable to suffer damage under heavy operating conditions. The Clutch gives continuous stroke for mass production

ROLLING KEY : The key is "double key rolling type" made out of special alloy steel of EN series.

LUBRICATION : An efficient lubrication system can be provided to lubricate the sliding surfaces and moving parts at extra cost.

EJECTOR & DOUBLE KEY SYSTEM : These can be provided specially for the use of springs dies against extra cost.