Precision Conepulley Centre Lathe Machine

Precision Conepulley Centre Lathe Machine

Precision Conepulley Centre Lathe Machine

CENTRE LATHES are well suited for all common turning surfacing and screw cutting operations with accuracy conforming to nearby grade-1 limits. These are specially designed for continuous light and heavy duty jobs and to give prolonged efficient life. These lathes are worthy of a place in every machine shop where economy of operation, precision and reliability are primary considerations.

is made of close grained cast iron, having unusual strength and long wearing is machined and ground to finish and is well bracked to withstand vibration free operation, under heavy cutting load. The Casting are fully seasoned and removal gap piece is fixed.

The flat seat of head stock over the bed is perfectly matched by precision hand scrapping. Its spindle is made from high carbon steel which rotates on two TAPPER ROLLER BEARING 1 composition both at the front and at the back for smooth running and perfect balancing. The machines are also made with head stocks fitted with Gun Metal Bushes & Tapper Roller thrust Bearings. During the operation of the machine eight different feed movements can be arranged by means of specially constructed four step cone extraction VEE Belt gear mechanism. The head stock gears have HELICAL HOB-CUT TEETHS.

is of special and sturdy design. It is guided inverted V and flat way bed independent of the saddle guides and has on off setting device for tapper turning.

is of heavy design for stable rigid longitudinal movement. A Compound Rest accurately graduated is mounted on the saddle for conical turning and can be swivelled on either side. A revolving four way steel Tool post is provided. The Rack is of steel with machine cut teeth.


  • One face plate, one coupline, one steady rest, one follow rest, two Morse Taper centres, oil tray, thread dial indicator and 22 machine cut change wheels.


  • Electric motor, starter, panel Board, mech or electric coolant pump, 4-jaw independent chuck, 3-jaw self-centring chuck, gear to cut metric threads, tapper turning attachment, tool post grinder, light arrangement & Norton Gear Box etc. (Shown in Photo not Standard Accessories)