Radial Drill Machine

Radial Drill Machine

PATHAK Radial Drilling Machines are of robust construction and are designed for heavy duty drilling. All cast parts are of fine close grained grey iron, machined to close tolerance and are sujected to rigid inspection at all stages of assembly to ensure accuracy and trouble free service. Each and every machine is thoroughly checked and tested to grade-1 standard.

BASE is generously proportioned and fortified by internal ribs, the base is built to handle heavy jobs. Three T-slots on the base ensure easy handling of the job.

COLUMN is cast as one single piece, ensures, perfect, rigidity. It is ground on the external circumference

ARM moves up and down by a screw and rotates with complete ease around the column. For angular drilling, it tilts to any desired angle upto 90° on either side in Model PRD 25 & 32. The graduations provided on the collar of the arm indicates the degree of the incline.


  • C.I Box Table & Motor Pulley


  • Electric Motor, Motor Pulley covers for Model PRD 25, 32 & 38, Motorised
  • Elevation of Aem, Reversing Switch, Wiring, Drill Chuck & Machine Vice.